Thrust into Remote Work Because of COVID-19: Resolving Conflicts in Remote Teams

Because of Covid 19, Stockholders and managers start realizing that working from home is here to stay, which will implicate a change in the way the teams are managed. Some of these changes must be the way to deal with conflicts between team members remotely. However, managing conflict in remote teams comes with specific issues you need to prepare for before you attempt a resolution.

Usually conflicts are always the kind of issues that influence the productivity of a team. Individuals may not be OK with it, but conflict can be unavoidable at times. It occurs in both personal and work lives and is, in reality, a part of life. Also, conflict isn’t all awful and bad. Some conflicts can be valuable and, hence, must not be avoided at all costs. but first …

What Is Conflict? and what is Workplace Conflict?

Workplace conflict is, in some respects, no different than any other type of conflict. Two or more parties in the workplace are in disagreement about something and are having trouble coming to an agreement or solution.

Why Does Conflict Happen in a Remote Team?

Lowered Inhibitions

Communication Problems

How to Stop Conflict Before It Starts?

Lead Well

As the manager, you will have to diffuse and settle arguments. There’s no avoiding it. But doing it respectfully and with dignity will impact how the team manages and handles future conflicts.

Regular Meetings

Ask questions about hobbies, personal interests, or family to gain a deep understanding of who everyone on the team is and how they think through and solve problems.

Make It Safe

Discuss It Online

  • Solving problems quickly. Discussing things in a virtual forum lets the team talk about issues that arise as they happen, instead of letting them grow and worsen in the background.
  • Asking for input. Much like an in-person brainstorming session, team members can ask for input and advice online, which can help them solve problems and see things from a different perspective.
  • Disinhibiting. Though online disinhibition can create conflict, it can stop it, too. People are more likely to “speak their minds” online than in person. That means they are more likely to say what they really think, instead of voting “yes” because of peer pressure.

Successfully Managing Conflict When You Work From Home

The pandemic may have shifted the conflicts you and your team are facing. Given the uncertain future of work (and where your team may work from), you may be a remote manager for a long time.

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